Identifying the Signs of Subpar Commercial Cleaning Services - When to Make a Switch

If you're constantly cleaning up after your cleaners, here are some tips to help you out along the way! But really, you might want to change your cleaning team.


Navigating the landscape of commercial cleaning services can be challenging, especially when your chosen service provider does not meet your expectations. MJ Legacy Clean understands the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy work environment, and we're here to help you identify when it's time to switch your commercial cleaning services.

1. Inconsistent Cleaning Standards

A clear indication of poor commercial cleaning services is inconsistent cleaning standards. If your office appears spotless one day but noticeably dirty the next, it's time to question the consistency of your cleaners.

2. Lack of Professionalism

Lack of professionalism is a major red flag. This can manifest in various ways such as tardiness, improper attire, or disrespectful behavior. Professional cleaners, like those at MJ Legacy Clean, exhibit decorum and respect your workspace.

3. Poor Communication

Poor communication can disrupt the cleaning process and lead to unsatisfactory results. If your cleaner doesn't take the time to understand your needs or is unresponsive to your feedback, it's time to consider a switch.

4. Frequently Missed Appointments

Frequent missed appointments can disrupt your business operations and create an uncomfortable work environment. Reliable commercial cleaning services always honor their scheduled appointments and communicate ahead of time if adjustments need to be made.

5. No Scope for Customization

If your commercial cleaners don’t offer customized cleaning plans to cater to your specific needs, it's time to reevaluate their service. Your business is unique and your cleaning services should be too.

6. Not Environmentally Conscious

In today’s world, it’s essential that businesses utilize eco-friendly cleaning solutions. If your cleaning service doesn’t offer this, it might be time to find one that does, like MJ Legacy Clean.

7. Lack of Proper Training

Untrained staff often results in unsatisfactory cleaning and can even cause damage to your property. Professional commercial cleaners invest heavily in training their staff.

8. Not Licensed or Insured

A commercial cleaning company that is not licensed or insured exposes you to unnecessary risk. Any reputable cleaning service will have these credentials in place.

9. Frequent Staff Turnover

Frequent staff turnover could indicate management issues within the cleaning company, which could affect the quality of their service.

10. Negative Reviews

Negative reviews are often the most telling sign of a subpar cleaning service. Always take the time to check the reviews and feedback from other customers.


Understanding these signs will empower you to make an informed decision about when it's time to switch your commercial cleaning services. At MJ Legacy Clean, we strive to offer exceptional and reliable cleaning services, tailored to meet your unique business needs, ensuring a clean and healthy workspace. After all, your satisfaction is our legacy.

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