Commercial Cleaners That Go Beyond Cleaning

Michael and Jarmila Hays have been cleaning for over 20 years, specializing in keeping businesses clean with their extensive eye for detail. Their processes ensure that MJ Commercial Cleaning is the premier commercial cleaning company in the Chicagoland area. Their approach to cleaning is designed so you don't ever have to worry about cleaners for your business again.

Michael Hays
Jarmila Hays

A Team Built Around A Cleaner Business

At our core, we're not just a commercial cleaning company. Yes, we provide top-tier cleaning services, but what truly fuels us is the WHY behind our actions. Our dedication to service, stemming from a deep-seated appreciation of quality, cleanliness, and luxury, is the secret ingredient to our success. Growing up surrounded by exceptional service, I understood the profound impact a clean, well-kept environment can have on an individual's quality of life. Yet, life's realities taught us a newfound appreciation for such services, which he deemed far from ordinary. An entrepreneur at heart, I journeyed through diverse industries, experiencing the highs and lows of various ventures. The valuable lessons learned shaped a new understanding of "success".

When my wife, a diligent and remarkable entrepreneur from Europe, entered the picture, she brought with her a thriving house cleaning business that thrived on making clients happy. Witnessing the positive impact of their services on people's lives sparked a profound revelation - our true mission is creating a POSITIVE COMMUNITY IMPACT.

A Better Relationship

We redefined our measures of success, shifting from personal gains to the extent of our service and the positive ripple effect we could generate. That's why we step into our roles every day, committed to serving YOU. We're here to elevate your environment, bringing a touch of luxury to everyday spaces. With us, you're not just receiving a cleaning service, but a promise of quality, commitment, and positive impact.

You have choices when it comes to cleaners.
With us, you'll never have to switch again.

Our approach is different, better, and more comprehensive than you've ever had before. We take commercial cleaning to the next level.

We Operate A Little Differently

We aren't just cleaners, but a team dedicated to making sure your business is clean, healthy, and productive no matter what. Our training is designed to make our team look at every detail when it comes to cleaning. We don't just clean, but we help your property run at it's highest potential.
Fully trained and managed cleaning teams for your business
Focus on building a clean and healthy environment for you, your tenants, and your employees.
Custom tailored cleaning plans, built for exactly what you need, so you can stop focusing on your cleaners.
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Our decisions of hiring staff, taking on clients, and the way we will show up as a company come down to our CORE VALUES: