A Team Built Around Cleaner Businesses

Michael and Jarmila Hays have been cleaning for over 20 years, specializing in keeping businesses clean with their extensive eye for detail. Their processes ensure that MJ Commercial Cleaning is the premier commercial cleaning company in the Chicagoland area. Their approach to cleaning is designed so you don't ever have to worry about cleaners for your business again.

Michael Hays
Jarmila Hays

A Team Built Around A Cleaner Business

When asked what we do for a living it is simple to say we run cleaning services… Well, it is not really that simple -   WHY we do what we do has a whole lot more to do with our success and how that will impact your experience with working with us. I had a unique experience growing up in a family with a high level of success.  I had experienced luxury living and having amazing people helping take care of the environment around me. This level of service experience was great and became expected normal as a young person. I was fortunate to travel the world at a young age with my family. Penthouses at the Hyatt, Shangri La, even vacationed on a Private Yacht with sheets to catch crackers in bed when I was young, someone full time cleaning the house and being a part of our family was normal. When I was older and had to fend for myself reality set in and it was not that luxurious and a new appreciation for quality became clear as it was not NORMAL.

 I have always been an entrepreneur. I have run multiple companies looking for and finding some achievements. I know the daily grind, the emotional efforts of working with people, the demand on budget etc.  From owning a gym, an auto dealership, building the facility, owning apartment buildings, condo conversions, marketing & training company, I learned a lot in the pursuit of my achievements. I also learned how & what it was to have loss, people letting you down,  not being fair, economies falter, personal lessons of who I was and really want to be.  All of these for me changed my wish to have “ SUCCESS” as I once defined it. I was looking for something more to pursue. Best women ever!

A Better Relationship

I met my amazing wife who came from Europe and she had started her own house cleaning business to earn $. She worked really hard, made clients super happy, and had a good business that helped support her over and over as she served people. We still have some of the clients for 20+ years  When I began to see the way there was IMPACT on people’s lives in a positive way from SERVING it was like a light went off for me. We began a mission together - POSITIVE COMMUNITY IMPACT! It was no longer about success measured in how well we were served how much we were gaining but how well we could SERVE and the impact our team could HELP provide others. So the big difference in what we will bring to the relationship is WHY we do what we do WHY we get out of bed to SERVE YOU -  it is: 

Our decisions of hiring staff, taking on clients, and the way we will show up as a company come down to our CORE VALUES:


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